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Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan 2017 & 2018

List of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2017 & 2018

  • Chase Value Centre
  • The
  • Shophive

The potential of e-commerce in Pakistan is undoubtedly high and we’ve come to a point where the behavior of consumers in smartphone adoption, internet penetration, and digital awareness are changing for the better, thanks to the launch and fast adoption of 3G and 4G services. These ecosystem entrepreneurs have led industry leaders and Pakistani government authorities to predict that e-commerce in Pakistan will be a US$1 billion market by 2020, up from about US$100 million in 2016. Online Shopping in Pakistan is not a trend anymore. It is growing up to become a need.

This is only happening because of the recent e-commerce revolution that has taken over Pakistan. being the pioneer of online shopping in Pakistan has contributed a lot to the scene. The credit goes to because it educated the Pakistani which came handy for other brands because they didn’t have to aware the consumer market from scratch. Companies like OCS, Bramerz and Rocket Internet are doing their best to keep this ecosystem green. To further investigate the matter, let’s decrypt the best online shopping sites of Pakistan. Here are the Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan 2017 & 2018. owns the lion’s share of Pakistani e-commerce market. Though it wasn’t the first ever online shopping website but it proved to be the best in just a short span of time. The content marketing strategy Daraz implemented worked really well. is worth $2.4 million. It is rumored that Daraz has not completed its breakeven yet but it did a pretty great job with its Black Friday Sales becoming the top Black Friday vendor of the country. It is also rumored that AliBaba is soon going to acquire, though a newbie in e-commerce industry, is already in the boom phase of its business. Right when it opened its door for the local market, people went crazy and made it one of their top preferences for online shopping in Pakistan. It is richly equipped with a wide and extensive range of goods of high quality and latest trends which are highly wanted by the people hence it soon flourished leaving behind its competitors. Not only this, but their quickest delivery service has led them bag the title of the top web based shopping store in Pakistan. 

After being the market leader of the departmental industry, Chase Value Centre is now trying its luck on the online sector as well. Chase Value Centre is like the Big Bazaar of  Pakistan (except it has no groceries). The online portal incorporates products for people from every walk of life at such good prices that you’ll be astonished. Even back in the days when it was not present at the online segment, Chase Value Centre is famous for its affordable price range and their wholehearted serving for the mediocre masses. Chase Value Centre is the driving force behind the re-flourished Online Shopping in Pakistan scene. is one of the oldest online shopping sites of Pakistan. It has its own segregated tech-based market. delivers console, mobile phones, laptop and other gadgets. is still is the first choice of Pakistani tech geeks and a lot of them prefer not buy from any other Online Store in Pakistan except Telemart.

As the scene of Online Shopping in Pakistan slowly began to grow, a lot of startups selling customized good appeared on the shore. The more you indulge yourself in the numbers and you’ll find out that the customization industry of Pakistan is flourishing at the moment and the leading the movement. sells customized t-shirts, bags, mugs, wallpapers etc. and entertains the other side of the market pretty well.

The story of is quite different from the others. While mostly e-commerce stores stand on the cappings of their quality product and marketing strategies, is known for its quick delivery service because is owned by none other TCS, the leading courier service of Pakistan. is also gaining momentum and it will soon become one of the top three online stores in Pakistan. is the successor of It sits on the second throne of the computer world selling every gadget available in Pakistan. is well-known for its affordable prices and timely deliveries.

Shopihive is one of the oldest online shopping sites of Pakistan. It was created in 2006 and started with the audience awareness program. Shophive being the pioneer of e-commerce in Pakistan is still struggling to save its own place in the race but bad management and poor servicing is slowly withering it. is another e-commerce website of Pakistan which is slowly making its way to the top. The quality is exceptional and the service knows no boundaries. It is predicted that it will soon become one of the Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan.

The Magic Outlet is different from mainstream e-commerce stores in Pakistan. The Magic Outlet is the third party client of Amazon which is pretty cool because Amazon has everything! The Magic Outlet is helping more people get goods that are not available in Pakistan. The Amazon Third Party market is also growing at a fast rate. 


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